This client has beautiful fuller looking lips after treatment with 1ml of Emervel achieved in our Beauty Naturale clinic in Wakefield


This client has these results after the use of 1/2ml Juvederm Ultra 3 to the upper and lower lip borders for a natural enhancement of both lips


This client has had 1 ml of lip filler volumisation treatment here which has perfectly enhanced the natural shape of these lips. Our aim here is to ensure the balance between a natural appearance without injecting the lips with too much filler and great volumised lips

Before and After Leeds Clinic

Half a ml of dermal lip filler has been used here for a subtle enhancement and volumisation of the upper and lower lips

lips 1705

Half a ml of dermal lip filler for a subtle but elegant enhancement and volumisation of the upper and lower lips

lips 1516

One of our clients after two areas of treatment with antiwrinkle injections over the forehead area and the and crows feet area.


Two of our clients who have had treatments of their forehead areas using antiwrinkle injections with dramatic improvement in deep lines. If they continue with the treatment the lines will disappear completely.

botox 1705

BOTOX 02042016

Significant reduction of forehead lines after a first treatment of botox in both these clients. The effects start after 3 days and continue to improve for the first 2 weeks. The effects can be expected to last approximately 4 months


botox forehead 2

Actual results from treatment of forehead lines and crows feet demonstrated here. Here both clients have had deep lines dramatically improved and attend regularly for their 4 monthly treatments.

before after botox 6715

Before after botox 21115

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